Automotive Composite

Liberty Advanced Composites specialises in the design

and manufacture of composite component

prototypes and full production runs for OEMs

niche vehicles, motorsport and specialist


Lightweight Aerospace

Liberty Advanced Composites is able to manufacture

a number of composite lightweighing components

for the aerospace industry. Please contact us for 

further details.



Composites for the
Railway Industry

We have capabilities for the Railway Industry and

can assist you in manufacturing lightwight

performance guarateed composite parts.

Call us now for more information.




Our deep understanding of materials delivers unique problem solving solutions...

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We are able to manufacture a range of advanced composite and other components...

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Our products are delivered with a strict quality guarantee...

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Advance Composite Design and Manufacture

Liberty Advanced Composites combines engineering knowledge and expertise in design, and precision manufacture of advance composite components for a variety of industries. In the Automotive sector our capabilities include whole vehicle design, crash structure, body structure, systems, design and manufacture of prototypes and production solutions for wide ranging components.

While our origins lie in car manufacturing and we have provided many clients with access to our unique knowledge in materials, we are also able to design and produce high performance light weight composites for other applications such as aerospace, motorsport and marine.


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