Advanced Materials Engineering

Advanced Materials Engineering

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A thorough understading of materials and their properties, followed by the most appropriate material choice and then correct application is critical to the success of lightweight solutions. Liberty Advanced Composites work with their customers to identify areas where lightweighting can be of benefit, and then apply their extensive knowledge in materials to engineer the right solution for the application.

Our engineers have years of practical experience working with various materials and designing components for different end uses. Their development expertise is often applied in conjunction with the knowhow and R&D from industry suppliers and partners resulting in cutting edge, application and customer specific solutions that can at times be the only ones of their kind.

Liberty Advanced Composites also add a real world perspective to manufacturing so often lacking when advanced composite materials are developed. Through our unique knowledge in automotive and aerospace components and structures and considerable production experience we ensure that materials are used to their fullest performance capability in the correct way delivering efficiency in production and the lowest cost of application possible.