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Composite Services

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Liberty Advanced Composites combines many years of experience and extensive knowledge of materials, including carbon composites. Through our involvement in a number of high profile applications for racing, high performance automotive, military and aerospace clients, we have amassed a great pool of expertise and can therefore assist with the complete set of services for your project. These include:

  • Advanced composites strategy and materials consultancy. Our composites and other materials consultancy service can help you evaluate the needs of your applications and advise you of the right combination of materials for your performance, production and manufacturing budget needs.
  • Light weighting design and development for structures and systems. We are able to analyse your components, provide design input for light weighting as well as consider and propose new structures and systems which will improve performance and reduce energy use.
  • Production supply of developed systems. Alonside the above engineering assistance, we can also manufacture components and entire systems for as complete solution based around your requirements.
  • Traditional Advanced Composites low cost parts supply. Through our knowledge and investment in technology we are able to offer cost effective solutions for your advanced composite needs.