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Light weighting is crucial to current automotive design which is why the full understanding and proper application of base materials is vital. Liberty Advanced Composites has unique knowledge and experience in application of correct materials where appropriate.

  • Liberty Advanced Composites does NOT promote one process or material solution
  • Using its experience of all types of materials and process solutions, the business can provide the best solution for any individual given need (including but not limited to advanced composite parts).

Liberty Advanced Composites' fundamental objectives are to bring true light weighting to products, components and vehicles to achieve higher performance, bringing the adoption of lightweight materials across more and more applications.

Analysis of Materials for Lightweighting

Advanced composites can provide light weight solutions if applied correctly.

Analysis of the Performance of Metals 

Engineered metals have similar performance when averaged over mass


Carbon Reinforced Composites

Only Carbon re-enforced composites offer significant weight benefits over metals if applied correctly.