Whole Vehicle Platform Development

Whole Vehicle Platform Development

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Automotive structures, as with any system typically have to perform many individual functions such as stiffness and strength for dynamic behaviour, crash safety, ease of manufacture and minimal cost of build. Structural materials such as steels, aluminium alloys and composites possess very different properties and there are many materials options and combinations that can all perform in different ways. Therefore understanding of all functionality requirements for a structure is key to the correct application of materials solutions.

The Liberty House Group has the ability to bring together expertise in many forms of materials application, production solutions and advanced design in many forms of processing. This capability is key to the successful application of all materials to produce an efficient solution that meets or exceeds all requirements.

Liberty Advanced Composites has the ability to consult, configure and engineer solutions that incorporate all materials and this has been demonstrated in the platform solution for the ICON vehicle. A mixed 'hybrid' solution was engineered encompasing high tensile strength steels, high performance alloys and structural composites all combined in a way that provides an optimal solution for the particular requirements set.