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Vehicle Projects

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Liberty Advanced Composites have successfully undertaken a number of whole vehicle concept, design and build programs for OEM's and low volume niche manufacturers. Following our experience of producing all-carbon composite cars for the McLaren F1, Mercedes SLR, Caparo T1, military, race car and city cars, Liberty Advanced Composites' engineers can provide unique knowledge and input into your projects.

World class expertise in materials concepts is matched with expert packaging, drive line definition, safety and crash performance prediction as well as development, aerodynamics, wind tunnels and CFD programs. These are coupled with advanced vehicle dynamics and sub-component design of suspension, fuel systems and vehicle development and optimisation. 

Liberty Advanced Composites have an unrivalled experience of the crash behaviour of all composite bonded structures and the complex behaviour and development of the energy management structures that are employed. Advanced composites crash analysis programs have been managed and in some cases undertaken with industry partners such as MIRA and Mercedes Benz Research.